Professional treatments

Professional treatments

You want to look good. No problem!

No matter whether you want to have a beautiful, simple hairstyle, or a highly exclusive haircut with all the¨ trimmings ¨: at the salon of Ella La Hollandesa you are on the right place for all the possible and professional hair treatments. I will take care that your hair treatment will be down to the last detail. And if you want subsequently a beautiful colouring or a complete restyling, no problem. That way you will give an extra dimension at your look and personality.


Of course I will not just begin to cut…First I have a look how your hair falls , which structure your hair has and what are the possibilities to give your hair the perfect form. If it appears that it is just what you want, then I will proceed. In this way we will come together to a beautiful result.

Hair Colouring:

The colour of your hair is a determinant factor for good looks. Therefore we will not only look together which colour you may find beautiful, but above all which colour will best suit you and your hairstyle. If we are in agreement about de colour, then we will determine together which colouring method is the most suitable for you.

  • Permanent Hair Colour: Permanent Hair Colour is, as it says Permanent and lasts until the colored hair grows out.
  • Demi-permanent hair colour: This hair dye lasts up to 25 hair shampoo washes and will give your hair a brilliance intensive shine.
  • Semi-permanent hair colour: Semi-permanent hair colour
    This is a hair colouring with a mousse which lasts up to 8 shampoos. The mousse gives your hair (colour) a ¨refreshment¨ and can also be used easily at home.
  • High Lights & Hair Lightening: This permanent lighting up colouring gives your hair a summery blond look. When the colour grows out, it´s time to have a new appointment with Ella La Holandesa.

Perm (hairstyle):

¨Permanent¨ or ¨Perm¨ is the familiar word for wave. But nowadays the word permanent – also called hairstyling – is mostly used to give your hair more volume, so that it is easier to make hair styling. For perm hairstyling I use Natural Styling from Schwarzkopf.

Hair Treatment:

In order to give your hair more body and bounce, you can also opt for a nourishing hair treatment. This may be a relaxing scalp massage whereby the blood circulation will be extra stimulated, or an extensive hair treatment by which your hair will get a subtle boost and a brilliance shine.

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